Small Animal Boarding

Purple Paws runs a fully insured caring holiday boarding establishment for your small animals. We are located in Walderslade Chatham Kent and are a small friendly family run business.


We firmly believe we can offer your pets a home from home environment and that they will be treated as if he/she is one of our own with lots of love, attention and daily cuddles. We will provide a clean, happy, safe and secure holiday home for your small pets while you are away.

If you would like to meet us for a chat regarding your pets needs or to see the boarding accommodation before making your decision that’s fine, we welcome visitors just call us on 01634 669600 and we can arrange an appointment for you to visit.

Boarding Fees
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs £7.00 each
or £9.00 for two sharing a hutch
Extra guinea pig in the same hutch £1.00
Hamster/Gerbil £5.00
All boarding fees are charged per night. On departure day your pet must be collected by twelve noon.




Our hutches/cages are housed within a large brick building. All their bedding will be provided for them hay, straw and wood shavings.




Health and Hygiene

All our hutches or cages are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and then allowed to dry before being prepared for our next furry guest.




Exercise and Food

All rabbits and guinea pigs will have daily access to an exercise run with plenty of tunnels and toys which stimulates them and helps to prevents boredom. We ask that you bring your own food as a change in diet can upset their tiny tummies. We will provide their fresh food and hay.




Booking and Payment Methods

To make your booking simply call us on 01634 669600. To secure the booking we ask for a deposit of 50% this will be non-refundable, once paid your pets place will be guaranteed. We will only hold a booking for two days without a deposit. The deposit will be deductible from the final boarding cost. We are unable to take credit card or debit card payments so only cash payments will be accepted. Payment needs to be made in full on arrival of your pet’s holiday.